Serbia, grapes and wine

Winery Spasić (West Morava Region)

For centuries, the vineyards of the famous parish centre Koznik had been where they are today Vineyards winery Spasic. So the family legacy Spasića place of honour take documents out in 1856. The testifying to the wine-making business for at least 150 years.

After a long time in which Spasic produced wine for himself and friends, Milan is the 3rd generation who began serious work with wine. Since then, every year Winery Spasic improve quality and to keep pace with new technology , but just as much is not enough to change that tradition in wine production.

Like most winemakers in the parish, and Spasic grown Tamjanika and Prokupac oldest authentic grape varieties in Serbia. Tamjanika the muscatel grape variety originally from the South of France which has already grown more than 500 years and has fully adapted to our climate, and Prokupac or Rskavac is a variety of red wine, which is known to us in the early Middle Ages.

Wine Cellar Spasic now produces only three different wines from these two varieties. These are robust Despot, red wine produced from pure Prokupac, September Pink, which also arises from Prokupac and white wine in the great potential of Tamjanika, from grapes of the same name.